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Terms & Conditions

Public Liability Cover

Elevated View Photography has liability cover up to £2,000,000

Legal Statement

At Elevated View Photography we operate a complete privacy and copyright cover policy by law. All clients should be familiar with our terms and conditions both prior to and upon receipt of their images.

The client should seek permission if the request is for private land as the images we capture shouldn’t infringe any rights of the land or property owner. If the request covers private land, highways or footpaths the relevant local authority permissions must be sought prior to the appointment. It is the clients sole responsibility to obtain these permission in advance of any appointment.

Whilst operating we will ensure the proper road markings and warning indications are in place while we operate our equipment.

Verbal agreement with the client at site is expected prior to the equipment being put in place at site. We will seek agreement about the areas we are permitted to access to carry out the appointment and this must be followed up by email and or written confirmation.

Job Criteria

Due to the nature of the technology and equipment used to carry out mast photography certain elements can cause appointments to be cancelled and re-scheduled. These include but are not limited to:

- Weather conditions
- Site accessibility
- Bad light or effect of daylight or sun in relation to photo positions

In the event of any condition out of our control that effects an appointment to be re-scheduled we will endeavour to carry out the appointment in acceptable time to you the client.

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